Day 1… Ground Zero…

The sweet spot…

I went in and sat down. Usual banter, trying to make the patient comfortable, explanations yada yada yada I was ready to get to it. I was nervous, anxious of course, fidgety. And all of the repeating of information that I already knew wasn’t helping. They started taking measurements my head and marking spots with a dry erase marker. In putting numbers into computers. Finding the right spot. Them talking about numbers made my mind wander and I found myself having to bring it back into focus of why I was there and what was going on. Numbers do that to me… what’s all the numbers were inputted properly I was moved over to the chair that the rest of the sessions would take place in. Once the magnet was in place, a series of tests fires we’re shot off to see exactly what dose of the energy that I would need for my treatment.

It was a strange feeling, almost like somebody was taking a pencil and snapping the end of it on my head rapidly several times. It was not necessarily painful, maybe a little uncomfortable, for me, but I have a high tolerance for pain and uncomfortableness… I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but the doctor offered to talk to me about a subject that we had been on before so I encourage that conversation on. We were discussing ketamine therapy, which he also administered in his practice. But that’s not something I will be trying until later down the road, going to see what the results are of this treatment first before piling too much else on. I have a habit of going overboard even with the good stuff… 17 1/2 minutes later we finished our conversation about the ketamine treatment and the Magnetic pulse therapy ended. And I was able to assess a little more what was going to happen in the next sessions. The way I was positioned in the seat I was not going to be able to look down to read or work on art or right. What’s going to have to work on something else. Still haven’t figured that out yet. But I’m ready to begin sessions proper and Ernest now. I’ll be taking my surgical hands with me the practice visualisations with tomorrow…

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